GOT7 is part of your winter story in new ‘Miracle’ audio teaser

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GOT7 is going all out this year to present fans with an ultimate special present. Even the albums’ titles are a clear indication that it is so.  It is evident that GOT7 loves their fans, as well as the fans love them. As a way to give back, they continue to tease for their ‘Miracle’ return. So, check it out below!

Once again, we can see that GOT7 is working hard to get the fans moved by their efforts. They have dug out snippets of cuts that are just too moving to watch. The music that accompanies the video does not help to stop us crying but rather continues to have us moved. Their efforts in the dance practice rooms to their moments with the fans are just too beautiful to watch. Every cry and every laughter are something that fans will cherish; this video does an amazing job  in highlighting it.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is set to make their hot return on December 3rd. Were you moved by this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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