GOT7 celebrates Christmas with a new version of ‘Miracle’ + drops the rest of the individual ASMR MVs

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GOT7 continues to spoil fans with the final set of ASMR individual MVs for ‘Miracle‘. Also, to celebrate Christmas, they have gone ahead and revealed the Christmas version of ‘Miracle‘. So, check it out below!

So, for the Christmas version, we also get a live performance of it. It is the kind of track that has the deep piano and strings that really bring the Christmas to life. Then, they go ahead and add bells and the lovely flute to help set the happy mood to it. Thus, they have brought another vibe to the song, making it more relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. It is definitely the kind of song that one would love to listen to during Christmas. They surely know how to change it up by using different instruments to help set the scene. It is just a perfect way to celebrate this Christmas. They make themselves even more lovable!

Youngjae is another member does well with the whispering. He is whispering it so fast and thus makes it more interesting to listen to. The way he tries not to smile and keeping the mood right is just too adorable to watch. Unlike the other members, he reads the lyrics like a normal person and at a normal speed. It makes it nicer and less cringe to listen to!

As everyone has expected, Jinyoung goes well with this kind of ASMR mood. He is someone who took it seriously and did it perfectly. It is like he has experience reading like a DJ. He does it well and thus makes it very relaxing and satisfying to listen to. He has the voice that would soothe your soul and thus he is one of those members who did this ASMR perfectly.

Yugyeom ends the ASMR series with his own. He does this ASMR version unlike anyone else. While the other members tried to whisper throughout it, Yugyeom is just reading it softly. Even though it isn’t as quiet as the rest, he did an amazing job in getting fans heart fluttering. His soft laughs here and there makes it so enjoyable to watch. It surely is a great way to end this special series.

Meanwhile, be sure to check each of the videos above. Did you love the presents that GOT7 have prepared for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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