Golden Child ‘Take A Leap’ with ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’

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Golden Child have made a successful return with their fourth mini album ‘Take A Leap‘ and the title track ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)‘.

The group made their comeback after being eliminated early on in ‘Road To Kingdom‘.

With the release of ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)‘, Golden Child take the evolution of their sound to a new level. They have been evolving as artists ever since their first release and they just keep getting better and better.

This track combines strong vibrating synth sounds with thumping beats, which then transforms into a smooth, floaty pre-chorus. The song continues on its way with funky beats and beautiful vocals, delivering a track that is both here and now in the present, and drawing on the strength of past K-pop tracks.

The accompanying MV is grand and visually stunning, matching the theme of the song beautifully. In the days since the original MV was released, we’ve seen a special choreography version and a dance practice version as well.

Golden Child ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’

Golden Child ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’ special choreography version

Golden Child ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’ dance practice

What do you think of Golden Child’s ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)‘? Do you like this more mature sound from them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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