Golden Child spoils fans with MVs for their side tracks in their latest album, ‘Game Changer’

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Golden Child has spoiled us with all these b-side track MVs. They have revealed ‘POPPIN’‘, ‘That Feeling‘, ‘Out The Window‘ and ‘Game‘. Check it all out below!

POPPIN’‘ is the track that features member Y and Jangjun. This video definitely features a spy look as we see Y sneak into work before he sings along to the track. It is quite a funky and cheeky song that we would all love to groove along to. Although the video itself is quite simple, it is filmed and edited to make it so interesting to watch. It also surely highlights their personality nicely. It is quite an entertaining video to enjoy with this fun melody.

The next MV is for ‘That Feeling‘ featuring Seungmin, Donghyun and Jaehyun. They have gone for a refreshing and bright look that goes nicely with this laid-back melody. It is the type of song that we would love to chill to while enjoying the beauty of the summer heat. Their vocals are just so beautiful on top of this smooth melody, leaving us all in awe. They have done an incredible job with their simple dance choreography which will definitely turn into a TikTok dance.

The next MV is Daeyeol‘s solo track, ‘Out The Window‘. This song definitely fits under the ballad genre as we get to fully appreciate his beautiful vocals. His voice definitely suits this type of melody. It is nice to hear this side of his voice as we don’t get to see it much in the group tracks. His acting also fits nicely with the mood of the song, enhancing the beauty of this track. It is also great that we got this MV as we get to see sides to him that we don’t usually see. We hope that he will showcase more of his vocals!

The last b-side track MV is for the track, ‘Game‘ featuring Tag and Jibeom. This song has that beautiful brass sounds that goes nicely with their young and rich vibes. We can’t help but groove along to this beat. It is also a song that goes nicely with their vocals. It is quite interesting to see how diverse their music can be and how they have made the song to suit them.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the tracks out above. Which track suit you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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