Golden Child makes a ‘Wish’ in special film MV

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Golden Child once again spoil fans with many special videos. They have revealed a special film for ‘Wish’, as well as the dance practice for ‘Let Me’ and ‘Genie’. So, check out the videos below!

With the ‘Wish’ special clip, we get to hear the loveliness of the track. With such an intense soundtrack, it goes well with the mood of the video. To the one who edited this video, they made it 100 times better to watch. Since every time there is a music change up or the beats drop, the editor did an amazing job in changing scenes to make it even more beautiful to watch. Each member also looks so beautiful and intense. They surely know how to continue to capture fans’ heart with their coolness.

Meanwhile, to those who are watching the dance practice, does it look familiar? Well, if it does then it’s because you had tuned into their performance on MBC end of year show! Through this dance practice, we get to see the full performance with no interruptions or movements of the camera. Because of that, it allows fans to really enjoy the beauty of the dance and see how much they have grown throughout 2018. It is a perfect way to enter into 2019 and one can’t wait to see what else they will show us in 2019!

So, be sure to check out their performances above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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