Golden Child is a ‘WANNABE’ in comeback MV

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Golden Child is finally back with a new song called ‘WANNABE‘. Check it out below!

This song is definitely a change from what they have shown us in previous comebacks. However, it is a great change as they showcase their more dark and fierce side. One can’t help but be drawn to the overall vibe of the song. The track itself is quite interesting to listen to. Everything continues to change up, keeping the listener on their toes. However, even though it is unusual, it does work, giving us the best of their voices. The dance choreography is also well-done and the moves are just so beautiful. They definitely killed it with this latest comeback.

They have also dropped the cheer guide which shows to a different side to them in comparison to their MV. Nevertheless, it is nice to see just how energetic they are! It is also great to see just how much they have enjoyed cheering along to their song!

They have dropped the dance practice. This allows us to admire the beauty of the dance choreography with no interruption. It is clear how sophisticated each move is and how fitting it is to the song. The different formations tell a story, allowing us to enjoy how beautiful it looks. Especially since it is well synced, it enhances each move they make. It is clear just how much they have put in to perfect such moves.

Finally, they have released a special Hanbok version of their performance MV. This video is quite different in that we get to enjoy both the dance choreography but also their Hanbok outfits. It is clear that this dark concept and outfits are fitting to the vibe of the song. They definitely are releasing all kinds of content for the fans!

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