Golden Child ‘Burn It’ up with new release

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Okay, before I get into the review, I have one question that needs answering…who told these boys that they could grow up? I mean they’ve kicked the cute boyfriend to the curb and gone straight for the sexy, mature men look.

Golden Child has just released their fifth mini-album ‘Yes‘, along with the title track ‘Burn It‘. And, it is beyond our expectations (see comment above)!

This song sees the group adopt another new sound that we haven’t heard from them before. This time they’ve taken on a reggaeton influenced dance track that is a slick mix of intense vocals, powerful melody and on-point production.

The entire track is mesmerising and dramatic which perfectly match with the lyrics of the song which speak of a desire to protect a loved one and keep them free from pain.

The lyrics and power of the track are perfectly played out in the accompanying captivating MV. It’s big and grand and feels almost cinematic. The storyline sees the members facing zombies in a post-apocalyptic world while trying to protect someone.

The choreography is complicated and intense and in this way allows the members to show off their skills.

Golden Child ‘Burn It’

What do you think of the track ‘Burn It‘ from Golden Child? Do you like this new sound from them? What about the MV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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