Giriboy leaves fans in awe at his shows in Australia

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Giriboy recently made his long-awaited, much-anticipated live debut in Australia – and fans have been left in awe at the performances!

Fans at both venues the Metro in Sydney and Prince Bandroom in Melbourne were loud, engaged and across the spectrum in terms of backgrounds, and age, but all of them were united in one thing – their excitement at the pending arrival of Giriboy on stage in front of them.

Everyone was treated to a spectacular D.J set to kick the night off – the music had the crowd vibing to the beat, and the stage was set. When Giriboy appeared on stage, the cheers were load and the excitement that had been building reached a crescendo, but as soon as he started to sing, the venue fell silent with the audience drawn in and completely entranced by his music.

Giriboy‘s stage persona is that of a proud and loud rapper, and he certainly lives up to that image on stage, but you also see moments of what could just be the real man behind the stage presence. A shy, charming, slightly awkward, but playful man who has a killer smile and an infectious laugh. He has a fun and relaxed stage presence which ensured the crowd stayed right there in the moment with him.

The audience cheered loudly when he told them “English bad, but body language good“. We usually see Korean artists who aren’t confident in English employ a translator to help them, Giriboy didn’t do that – he switched between Korean and English to the delight of the audience. This ensured that the show was casual and comfortable with lots of fan service and chats between songs, we even had Giriboy cheering back at the fans at one stage. In one funny interaction, Giriboy got a fan from the audience to translate the story of one of his songs, while he lipsynched exactly what she was saying – it was hilarious!

Divorce Papers‘ was an absolute fan favourite with the crowd going wild and enjoying every single second of the performance.

Mid-way through the show, guest performer Prins was introduced to the crowd. The New Zealand-based electro-pop performer had the crowd grooving with an unreleased track ‘Savage‘. Prins kept the crowd engaged and hyped with her music, which was fun and fresh.

When Giriboy returned to the stage, there was a new sense of intensity and power in the room. He had the crowd screaming when he started the chant of ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie’ and their roared response of ‘Oi Oi Oi”.

The audience really got into the music with outstanding performances of ‘Traffic Control’, ‘Skit’ – again with an audience member doing the introduction, and ‘Tomorrow’. The performance of ‘Let’s Not Love Each Other’ was amazing, taking the audience on a journey through the emotional lyrics.

The ‘final’ song for the night was ‘Bumper Car’ and it was hard-hitting, loud and brash, but full of energy and had the crowd fully engaged. When Giriboy returned to the stage for his encore it was a little more soulful and laid-back which allowed the crowd a little time to relax and breathe before the show ended.

Giriboy: Groove Down Under in AU & NZ was presented by Prime Entertainment and Nova Records NZ. We’d like to thank them all for the opportunity for All Access Asia to see Giriboy live in Australia.

Were you one of the lucky ones who got to see Giriboy Live in Auckland, Sydney or Melbourne? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Written by Shiree Margerison and Cindy Luu

Edited by Narelle

Photographs: Erika Semenoff, Kpoppet Photography

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