Get to know Erin Miranda – A lady of song performing at Joy Ruckus Club 4

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We’ve been talking about Joy Ruckus Club for a little while now, and as one of the participating partners for the Australian and New Zealand stage, we thought it might be a great idea to tell you some more about the acts that are participating!

Let’s start with the basics – Joy Ruckus Club is the largest global Asian music festival and it just keeps on getting bigger. The worldwide event presented by 400 Dayze will take place from 27 August – 5 September 2021 – spanning 10 huge days and 14 worldwide stages.

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The first performer in our spotlight is the lovely and talented Erin Miranda, a 21-year-old Filipino-Australian musician and live streamer from Sydney. Erin competed in the X-Factor Australia in 2014, with her audition clip amassing 13 million views on YouTube. She then went onto compete in the fourth season of South Korean television program, SBS K-pop Star, finishing in the Top 8. This year, Erin has been livestreaming her singing on Bigo Live and experiments with original music while pursuing her law degree.

I believe that this will be your second time participating in the Joy Ruckus Club festival. How did you get involved with Joy Ruckus Club?

Kublai Kwon, the creator of Joy Ruckus Club approached me with an invitation to participate after seeing my music online.

Are you able to give us a short spoiler of what we can expect from your performance this time around?

Yes, sure. The first time I went on the Joy Ruckus Club, I hadn’t really explored making my own music. I treated the first event as a stage to showcase my music. This time around, I decided to use quite a few of the same songs from before but I have changed them quite a bit. It shows my growth as a performer. I’m happy to have the opportunity to show my own music. I have prepared some new stuff. I also am planning on performing the new track that I released recently with a friend and a couple of covers as well. 

As we know, this event brings together artists from different parts of the world. Why do you think an event like this is so important?

When I first heard about the Joy Ruckus Club, I was immediately really interested since nothing like this exists anywhere else, especially since you are bringing all these Asians talents together. K-Pop is doing well but I would say that K-Pop doesn’t include those Asian indie artists; especially across the western countries.

There are a lot of things about Joy Ruckus Club that are really good; mainly there is a common purpose, which is to support other Asian artists, meet new Asian artists, as well as a platform to perform music. It is a platform that is welcoming and is made for us; made for Asians. It is not only a great opportunity and event, but also for me, it’s like a sense of hope that we are going towards better things for Asian music. Especially for Australians, it is great that we have an online platform where we can reach out to other audiences besides those in Australia.

So, you recently collaborated with Gio John and Genesis on the track, ‘Birthday Suit’. How did this collaboration come to be?

We all go to the same university. Gio John and Genesis are music students and we connected on social media. They told me that they were making a track and were trying to find someone to collaborate with. When I was asked if I wanted to be part of it and I said why not.

Erin Miranda and Gio John ‘Birthday Suit’

Are there any memorable moments you can share with us about this collaboration?

We had two sessions together. The first session was all about song writing. Gio had done the first verse and the chorus. However, we had to write the second verse and we finished the song together. That was really fun because we haven’t seen each other in around 2 years but our brains just clicked together on all of our ideas. This was one of my first song writing experience with somebody else.

The second session was for the recording. It wasn’t my first time in the recording booth but it was still a fresh experience. I’m sure all musicians can relate; just recording the same note over and over again which takes hours. However, you want to get it right so the whole process was really fun for me.

Just about the writing aspect. Did you get involved with writing the lyrics? Where did you get inspiration from while writing them?

Yes, I got involved in the writing process but it was a joint effort between Gio John and I. We literally look back at our past crushes and our past daily lives – before relationship stage; we had similar experiences so it was something we can laugh about together now. We talked about how we felt in those times and that was relayed in the song.

You have participated in two survival shows, the X Factor and Kpop Star, how has your music changed since then and how do you want to shape it now?

It has completely changed and it is very different. I now look back on those clips and question who it is. Those who follow my music now, they would say how different it is. I think back then I didn’t have a sense of my own music; at that time, I was just covering songs and just trying to sing well. Nowadays, I feel like I definitely am finding my own colour and style, which has changed a lot. Back then, I didn’t have a genre that I even liked. Right now, I’m into R&B music, I really like to experiment with soft chill beats since it goes well with my voice. I think, nowadays, I’m focusing more on my techniques, singing with more colour and dynamics. So, I think I have improved as a singer since then.

So, what music are you into these days? What have you been listening to?

So, I have been listening to a lot of R&B, slow and soft songs. Especially from Kevin Oh, Rio, etc. They just give me those vibes that has that chill afternoon vibes. I have been listening to heaps of those music. On the flip side, I have also been listening to heaps of city pop, like ‘Stay With Me’ – Japanese 80s pop song. I have been obsessed with this style for the past few weeks and I have been trying to get inspiration for it now.

Are you getting more into song writing?

Yeah, 100%. I definitely am writing a lot more. I have been listening to City Pop music since I’m trying to channel its vibes; I really want to make City Pop but I’m not huge with instruments so I have been doing a lot of MIDI instruments. I also have been streaming a lot, allowing me to share my singing.

Do you play any instruments?

I’m currently learning how to play the guitar and piano along the way just so that I can make something. Piano is kind of in the background right now. But guitar, most people can play chords, but I’m trying to go beyond that now. I’m trying to be able to make an accompaniment for the music that I make. Hopefully that goes well.

Erin Miranda

Is there any artist you want to collaborate with or in discussion to collaborate with?

There is an artist in Korea. However, due to the current pandemic situation, we have it on hold. He is a great singer and he wants to work with me on a track. There are no set on stone plans or anything that I am starting right now. Hopefully, there are things coming up later.

How do you balance between university and your music life?

It helps that university is now online so I don’t need to commute to university. I just allocate time to certain activities where night time is basically where I just do music and live streaming. So, I block out the night for the things that I actually want to do, which is music. I just study during the day, when I wake up and then I can play at night.

Since your university studies are in law and not music, which pathway are you planning on going towards?

I get this question all the time, especially since I am currently more active in music. People ask if I’m planning on becoming a musician. I said that that would be awesome but I need to get through my degree. My plan is to finish the degree, get a steady job to support my basic needs, and then hopefully pursue music on the side. Hopefully, it could become something more. So, right now, I’m leaving my options open, but I’m open to a career in music if I can achieve it.

Finally, are you working on new music? What’s next for you?

I’ve got a few tracks that I am currently experimenting with. I’m trying to find people to collaborate with. I have finally released something with Gio John, that was my first song on Spotify, first time under my name, (I have a profile now!) So, I’m making the most out of it. People are also asking me to put out new stuff.  I’m not really familiar with music production, but that song was a real highlight.

Thanks Erin for taking the time to talk to us about your journey with music and all the exciting things that are happening for you.

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Written by Narelle and Tracey

Credit: Erin Miranda Music

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