Get set for a ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’

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Okay, despite the time-travel element, this may well be my favourite modern K-romance of the 2023. What do ya reckon?

the premise

Han Yi Joo (Jung Yoo Min) is an artist, adopted by Han Jin Woong (Jeon Not Min) and Lee Jung Hey (Lee Min Young), but neither loved by her adoptive parents or her sister. Isolated for most of her life, she struggles to connect–is desperate to do so, but instead discovers she’s been used by those who are supposed to care for her wellbeing. The same day, she gets into a car accident and dies.

She wakes to find herself back in time. Hurt and feel bitter, she’s determined to change her fate and take revenge on her ‘family’. She breaks off her meaningless engagement with Yoo Se Hyeok (Oh Seung Yun) and enters into a contract marriage with the man her ‘dear sister’ wants more than anyone, Seo Do Guk (Sung Hoon). He accepts her offer happily. And he’s more than willing to help her get her revenge. There’s just one catch… he wants the contract marriage to become real.

Han Yi Joo wants to keep it all business. She has work to do.

what worked?

There’s so much to love about this drama. It pulls you in from the very first episode! The FL is captivating. Full stop. The FL has to be relatable or I lose interest in a drama pretty quickly. Jung Yoo Min shines in this one; her attitude; the way her character dances the fine line between kindness and malice perfectly… you can feel the anger beneath the surface. Except she doesn’t have it in her to hurt an innocent (aka, the ML). Dammit. I love it!

The way the ML looks at her, you just want to AWW all over the place. Chemistry? Yep. This one has it.

You know the drama’s a good one when you have a love/hate relationship with the antagonists. Shout out to Lee Min Young and Jin Ji Hee (who plays Han Yoo Ra) for their villainous ways. They added a bit of melodrama, which tbh, was so much fun. Embrace the soap. 😀

what needed a bit more work?

Not many cons, however, I think they could have worked on the ML’s styling, i.e., they could have done some (poor Sung Hoon) and I don’t see any real need for the mid-run relationship breakdown. I think this writing effort could have been better spent elsewhere.


Worth the watch. Absolutely.

If you’re ready to dabble in a revenge plot, let us know in the comments. Only those with a true heart need apply.

I think what I liked most about this revenge plot was its simplicity. The writers didn’t try to do too much in the 12 episodes available to them, so they were able to show us both delightful dialogue and strong plot points.

Perfect Marriage Revenge is a 2023 South Korean romantic comedy directed by Oh Sang Won adapted from a Webtoon titled ‘The Essence of a Perfect Marriage’ by Young and Lee Beon Be and illustrated by Je Ri Bol. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be hunting down that webtoon! And honestly, I wish the drama had kept that same title.

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