Get ‘Ready’ for The Wind’s comeback!

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The Wind has released their comeback schedule for their 1st Single Album titled ‘Ready’. So let’s go and check it out.

The style of this comeback is quite unique and it almost has a school type vibe almost as if the graphic was done using a protractor. Not only will their album be released soon, they also have released an MV titled ‘Summer Vacation’. Let’s have a look at the MV together!

더윈드 (The Wind) ‘여름방학’ Official M/V

The MV is so sweet and heartwarming as it shows the members doing fun things like playing basketball, swimming, taking group selfies and in general having fun. The song is quite uplifting and you get a sense of nostalgia when watching this MV.

The group is also seen in different costumes to suit the presentation and theme of the MV which is more youthful/school like. The teasers and MV match so well together and if this is any indication, we cannot wait to see what the album holds.

Their ‘Summer Vacation’ MV and teasers have us all excited for the 8th of August when we get to experience the hype with you all for their album.

What are you looking forward to the most? Tell us in the comments!

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