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Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun) was born with an extraordinary gift (curse?). She can ‘hear’ the lies people tell. Can you imagine what it must be like? To know that the people around you are willing to lie about big things and small, destroying your faith in them and your relationships. Everybody lies. It’s endless. Is it any wonder Mok Sol Lee is exhausted?

Kim Do Ha (Hwang Min Hyun) is a musical genius. Still, no one has seen his face, meaning every media hound desperately wants to be the one to unmask him. Why does he hide from the world? He’s obviously frightened. He appears to be the only one Mok Sol Hee’s power doesn’t work on. Is it just that her new neighbour has yet to lie to her? Or is he somehow immune? It’s enough to arouse Sol Hee’s curiosity—and desire to get closer…

The cast

After watching the first episode, I knew this was one k-drama I’d be seeing through to the end. Right from the first scenes, the drama foreshadows what Kim Do Ha will do to Mok Sol Hee… curiosity takes over, and the story draws you in. It’s not a stretch to say I was impressed with the first episode and have enjoyed every one since. And yes, I admit Kim So Hyun is one of my favourite Korean actresses (she gets a lot of work for a reason, right?!). Still, regardless, My Lovely Liar is a fantastic mash-up of romantic comedy and mystery. 

The only other thing I watched Hwang Min Hyun in was Live On, a 2020 high school drama with Jung Da Bin. It’s safe to say he’s grown as an actor; holding his own with Kim So Hyun. Together with Jin Kyung as Sol Hee’smother, who’ll run a con as soon as look at you, and Lee Kang Min, (playing Seo Ji Hoon), the forlorn ex-boyfriend/Police Officer who lost the woman he loves to lies, the show boasts an impressive cast. 

it makes you think

It’s a story that makes you question how much truth relies on perception, but not only that, it’s becoming one about personal boundaries; how willing are we to expose the vulnerabilities of others? My Lovely Liar is well written. (Shoutout to Seo Jung Sun). It’s a story worth watching.

did you know?

Finally, a quick note for our Australian readers, Kim So Hyun was born here in Oz, moving to South Korea when she was just four years old. But we can still claim her, right? 😀 You betcha Aussie-line we can. You can also catch her in the period costume drama, River Where the Moon Rises. Highly recommended!

My Lovely Liar is a 2023 South Korean romantic comedy directed by Nam Sung Woo and Not Young Sub.

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