Gaho spoil fans with numerous visualizers for his b-side tracks on his latest album, ‘Fireworks’

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As many knows, Gaho recently returned with his first full album, ‘Fireworks‘. He has spoiled fans with numerous visualizers for the tracks on this album. So, check it out below!

He previously dropped the MV for ‘Right Now‘ and ‘Part Time Lover‘. Now, he has revealed the visualizer MVs for ‘Afraid‘, ‘High‘ and ‘Like The Moon‘. Each video has its own beauty and effect that goes nicely with the vibe of the song. Since it is a visualizer MV, it is quite short, giving us a taste of his music with a visual aspect. For ‘Afraid’, we get to see him sing the song while the room is filmed with a blue ocean projection. It is just so beautiful to watch as he gets immersed into the song. It is a great way to hook us in and make us look up the song.

For ‘High‘, we see a pink setting while the whole room is covered in plastic. It is interesting that he decided to go for a portrait look. This makes the video feel strained and compact, enhancing the overall vibe of the video and song. Through this short clip, we get to hear these beautiful brass sounds mixed with whistles. It is a great combination of sounds that enhances the beauty of his voice.

The final MV is for ‘Like The Moon‘. This video goes for the emotional vibe as he is confined in a compact room. The lighting helps set the tone of the video as he sings along to the track. By watching these videos, it is clear just how diverse his music can be and how he is able to tackle different vibes. It is an album that allowed him to truly shine.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MVs above. What was your favourite song from his latest album? Let us know in the comments below!

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