Gaho reveals the tracklist for ‘Preparation For A Journey’

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As many knows, Gaho will be releasing his first mini album, ‘Preparation For A Journey’. To give fans more insight into this album, he has revealed the tracklist. So, check it out below!

This album has a total of five tracks including the intro track, ‘Stay Here’, ‘Ready To Leave’, ‘Going On’, ‘Then’ and ‘Heaven’. It will be interesting to see how these tracks will sound like!

Now, we don’t have to wait any more longer. The reason is that he has revealed the highlight medley. Through this, we get to hear how the different track sounds like. The intro track is definitely the kind of track that is quite emotional to listen to yet gives you that comforting feeling that you need. The title track is such so powerful to listen to since it brings out the best in his voice. The use of instruments is just too strong and it puts you in a good mood.

Going On’ has a more emotional feeling to it where his voice is just too beautiful to listen to. This futuristic sound mixed with R&B is the perfect mix to allow his voice to shine. ‘Then’ is another strong track that is part of this album. It is soothing to listen to yet it has a strong powerful beat. Finally, ‘Heaven’ is the ballad that one needs since his voice is heavenly to listen to.

Meanwhile, he will make his return on December 11th. Which track are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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