FTISLAND have an ‘Unthinkable’ love in new MV

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It’s no secret to anyone that I think Lee Hongki is the owner of the best voice in music – K-pop, Rock, or any other genre you want to mention.

Last week saw the release of FTISLAND‘s eighth mini-album ‘Lock Up‘ and the title track ‘Unthinkable‘. FTISLAND look a little different now – instead of the five members we’re used to, there are now three. But, these three members, Hongki, Jaejin and Minhwan are arguably the most talented members. They certainly know how to pump out that completely unique and recognisable sound that only comes from FTISLAND.

Unthinkable‘ is not just the title track for the mini-album, it’s the first track on the mini-album. After waiting for so long for new material from FTISLAND, this song does not disappoint. It’s haunting, beautiful and dramatic and shows the members at their best.

The beautiful piano opening before Hongki’s spell-binding vocals kick-in, sets the tone for the entire song. The song is very emotional and the mood that is woven around the listener is dreamy and evocative, but also desperately sad. Hongki’s voice rises and falls with the emotion of the song.

The accompanying MV is equally as evocative and haunting. To watch Hongki search for his lost love while his friends Jaejin and Minhwan attempt to make him feel better is heart-breaking. The mood of the MV perfectly suits the vibe of the song.

This track proves that FTISLAND have not lost their touch, and we want and NEED more.

FTISLAND ‘Unthinkable’

What do you think of ‘Unthinkable‘ from FTISLAND? Have you listened to ‘Lock Up‘ yet? What’s your favourite FTISLAND song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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