Forestella continues to nail the majestic look in latest ‘The Beginning: World Tree’ teasers

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Forestella has revealed the rest of their concept teasers for ‘The Beginning: World Tree‘. So, check it out below!





They have revealed the rest of their Sunlight teasers. This teaser features the members posing in a similar setting as the first concept. However, this time, their outfits aren’t fully white. We get to see this contrast of white and gold, enhancing this majestic look that they are going for. One can’t help but be captured by their elegance and posture. They definitely fit into this type of concept. Especially when we get to see them paired up in units, as well as altogether in one image, they allude out this royalty vibe.

They have also dropped the comeback trailer. In this trailer, we get to hear this intense music, which is accompanied with a deep narration. It definitely help set the tone for their concept. We can’t help but be mesmerised by it. They have done an incredible job in making it like a movie trailer, leaving us super excited for what’s to come.

Ahead of their return, they have also released the highlight medley. This gives us a chance to listen to the track on this album. The intro track begins off with a beautiful yet mysterious instrumentation that really pulls you into their music. ‘Save Our Lives‘ allows us to appreciate their powerful vocals that fit so well with this powerful melody. We can’t help but get chills while listening to them sing. ‘Moonlight‘ brings out that sweet melody that fits the name of the track. It represents the night quite nicely. ‘Stay‘ is a more uplifting song that allows us to sit back and enjoy the sweetness of the song. ‘The Forest Song‘ has an emotional element that pushes the song through, bringing out the best in their vocals. ‘For Life‘ is another powerful song where they put their all into singing each note. It can definitely be felt throughout the snippet of the song.

Meanwhile, the are set to return on May 30th. Which song captivated you? Let us know in the comments below!

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