EXO’s Chen enjoys the Autumn rain in latest ‘Dear My Dear’ teasers

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EXO‘s Chen continues to tease for his upcoming return with ‘Dear My Dear‘. Check out the latest teasers below!

He has revealed the album packaging details. There is a total of two versions. Each version comes with the CD, a booklet, a poster, a random card and a letter.

In this set of teasers, he has gone for a black and white look. He gives us different poses and outfits. However, it is grayscale, giving us that intense look. It surely has a similar vibe to his previous teasers, despite it being in this setting. One thing that is clear that he is going through some kind of emotions that leaves him in his thoughts.

He has revealed a new highlight medley. This time, we get to hear the loud use of instruments that accompanies his voice so well. He sings with his all, giving us chills. He has a way of singing that is just beautiful to listen to.

In his next set of teasers, we see him enjoy his time indoors while chilling by the couch. He is wearing shades of Autumn that is quite fitting to the current season. The warm vibe surely goes well with him, especially when he gives the camera the look that melts fans’ heart.

Meanwhile, his latest teasers feature the beautiful Autumn rain. It is a mix between the time he spends indoors and outdoors. The times he is indoors, he blends in nicely with the overall white look. He knows how to captures his fans’ heart with such a soft look. All the different concepts goes well with him.

The latest teaser is the MV teaser for ‘Shall We?‘. In this video, we get to hear his raw voice against the ocean sound. His voice is so pure and beautiful to listen to. It is the kind that really brings peace within our soul. It definitely leaves one more curious than ever for the full track.

Chen drops a new set of teasers. This time, it is in black and white. It is also a super close up shot of Chen in different angles. They are images that fans didn’t think they needed until now. He is perfect in any way and surely knows how to have fans’ heart fluttering.

Meanwhile, he will make his hot return on October 1st. What do you think of the song so far? Let us know int he comments below!

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