EXID wants to say ‘I Love You’ to their fans in new MV

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EXID has finally made their hot return as five members. They have managed to exceed fans’ expectation by adapting their similar title tracks into one music video. It is amazing to see what they can do, especially with five members. So, check out the music video for ‘I Love You‘ below!

This track has a common thing amongst their title track. What is that? Well, it has a catchy tune with an addictive chorus. They know the kind of sounds that will capture fans’ attention and this sound is one of them! The dance choreography that goes with is also quite mesmerizing to watch. Their voices are also quite soothing to listen to and it works well with this funky vibe they are going for.

The way they have filmed it is similar to what they have done in the past, yet they have upgraded it so much. Furthermore, it is so interesting how the chorus can be so soothing with such hard hitting verses. They just work so well with one another and fans are impressed! Also, a special mention to Solji for showcasing her beautiful voice. Fans have surely missed hearing her voice on a title track so this is a great way to celebrate it!

Meanwhile,  be sure to show your support by checking out the MV above. Did you like the vibes? Let us know in the comments below!

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