EXID reveals the MV teaser for ‘Me&You’

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As more teasers are revealed, the closer we get to EXID‘s comeback. They have revealed more spoiler teasers, as well as their group photos. So, check it all out below!

In their first group teaser, we see them wearing the same outfits that was in their individual teasers. Now, having all the members together, we can clearly see just how nice the white outfits go with one another. It makes them look ready for a disco party.

They have also revealed the MV teaser for ‘Me&You‘. The continuous “da da da” lyrics really gives you that retro vibe. It is enough to bring chills down your spine. It also goes well with the black and white setting of the video. Many of the members are also seen in a wedding dress attire, which goes well with the white outfits we have seen previously.

In their second image teaser, the members look much more sophisticated. They continue with their mostly white outfits while looking quite beautiful in the window. They are definitely a group that is full of visuals and one can’t help but be captured by their charms.

Meanwhile, EXID is ready to make their hot return on May 15th. What do you think of the track so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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