EVERGLOW goes ‘Adios’ to the haters with comeback MV

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EVERGLOW is back with another wonderful track. This time, they have released ‘Adios‘. So, check it out below!

Once again, they bring out their signature sound and slay us with their music. This is definitely a girl crush look with such a hard-hitting beat. You can’t help but fall deep for this kind of song as it takes over K-POP. The rap sections are a perfect fit into this kind of chill rhythm.

Then, the pre-chorus comes, and they allow their voices to do all the talking. It is interesting how they have gone for a whisper for the section before the chorus before hitting us hard with the beats. The choreography is just as strong and powerful as the song. The video is also well edited to make a transition from one scene to another.

They have also released the fanchant for this track. It is always so nice to watch our idols cheer along the song and show us just how we should be like. It is just so cute as they jam along to their song.

They have also dropped the dance practice. With this video, we get to witness the whole dance choreography with no disruption. It is clear just how much power they put into each move to make it look so powerful.

So, be sure to check out the videos above. What do you think of the song? Let us know in the comments below!

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