Eunbi gives you a listen to her upcoming tracks on ‘OPEN’

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Eunbi has revealed more teasers for her upcoming solo debut with ‘OPEN‘. Check it out below!

The first track that she has revealed is called ‘AMIGO‘. This video is in black and white, which helps enhance this dark concept that she is going for. The song itself has quite uplifting and brings out the best of her voice. This definitely is not what we were expecting when we saw the darkness of this video. She has done an incredible job in making the video quite intense despite the vibe of the song.

The next track is called ‘Eternity‘. This definitely already has a different feeling from ‘AMIGO‘s video. This one is more bright and brings out the best of summer. The song itself is quite soothing and smooth to listen to. It allows us to enjoy her high notes and how fitting her voice is to summer.

Rainy Road‘ is the next track to be revealed. This track has an uplifting ballad sound as she showcases her high notes. She has such a beautiful voice that travels so nicely with this type of melody. The video is kept simple to go well with the vibe of this song.

The next track is ‘Blue Eyes‘. To go well with the name of this track, we see shades of blue throughout the video. The song itself has such a beautiful melody that gives us butterflies. Then the chorus hits and once again we get chills from the high notes she has been giving us throughout the different tracks.

The latest track to be teased is ‘Door‘. This song has a funky vibe that is different from the other tracks she has previewed. It definitely is quite fun to listen to, leaving us more excited for her upcoming debut.

Meanwhile, she is set to make her hot solo debut on August 24th. Which track do you enjoy the most so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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