Eunbi gets you excited with her ‘Color’ comeback schedule

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Eunbi has revealed the comeback schedule for ‘Color‘. So, check it out below!

From the comeback schedule, she will release the concept teasers from March 23rd to 26th. The concept film teaser will be revealed from March 24th to 25th. The sound painting and MV teaser is scheduled for March 29th and 31st. Finally, the final teaser is set for April 2nd.

Her first concept teaser features her submerged in water while wearing a beautiful white dress that contrasts so beautifully with the clear blue water. With this stunning image, we get this lovely lighting from above that allows her flower crown truly shine.

Her second palette features her with short hair while wearing a beautiful dress. However, this time, she is surrounded by darkness with a beautiful spotlight coming through to bring light to the image.

To reflect this look, we get the second concept teaser where she wears that dress. The vibe is made to look quite eerie with the smoke behind her.

Her third palette teaser features a creepy sound effect while she is seen wearing a very vibrant red dress. It is interesting to see where this concept will go.

In her third image teaser, we see that exact red dress. However, now we get to see the beautiful shoes that fit well with the vibe of the dress. The overall setting is quite dull and filled with the colour brown. This allows her to truly pop out.

Her fourth teaser features her back in the warehouse. However, this time, she is seen wearing this stunning black dress. This black dress truly stand out against the current location she is at.

Meanwhile, she is set to make her hot return on April 4th. What do you think of the concept teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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