Euijin is suffering from ‘Insomnia’

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BIGFLO and UNB member Euijin has released his solo debut mini-album ‘e:motion‘ and the title track ‘Insomnia‘.

The mini-album ‘e:motion‘ contains a total of five tracks including the title track ‘Insomnia‘.

Insomnia‘ is a catchy, mid-tempo EDM track that was written by Brave Brothers. The song is a little repetitive in parts, but that’s not really a criticism in this instance as it gives you a chance to appreciate Euijin‘s vocals which are beautiful and emotional. The song’s lyrics are about breaking up with a lover.

The music video is very storyline driven. Euijin is suffering from painful memories while remembering happier times and then the despair of a break-up. It tells the tale of the song in a thoughtful way.

EUIJIN ‘Insomnia’

Euijin has now released the mirrored dance practice for ‘Insomnia‘. It gives us a chance to check-out the choreography that goes with the song. It’s powerful and thoughtful at the same time which matches the mood of the song perfectly.

EUIJIN ‘Insomnia’ Mirrored Dance Practice

What do you think of ‘Insomnia‘ from Euijin? What about the choreography that goes with the song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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