Eric Nam takes us to ‘Paradise’ on ‘The Other Side’ with new release

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Eric Nam has returned with his much-anticipated, and long-awaited comeback album ‘The Other Side‘, and the title track ‘Paradise‘.

Paradise‘ expresses hopes to escape the difficulty of reality and find freedom. Eric Nam wrote the lyrics along with DAY6’s Young K.

In a recent interview, Eric said: “‘Paradise’ explores this notion of how everyone is looking for their version of ‘paradise,’ a better place, a better situation, a new environment, happiness, etc“. He further commented that “The song acknowledges that even though times may be tough right now, we’re gonna get through it. It’s interesting because I had originally considered it to apply to me in just everyday life, and then it took on a newer meaning with Coronavirus“.

Eric Nam‘s vocals are, as they always are, soothing, warm and comforting. The track itself is catchy and has a fun vibe flowing through it. The upbeat guitar and sultry synths drive the track and give it a solid base to launch from.

Eric Nam ‘Paradise’ MV

What do you think of ‘Paradise‘ from Eric Nam? Do you find his vocals as soothing and warm as we do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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