Eric Nam finishes his Australian tour in Melbourne with a bang!

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Eric Nam finished the Australian leg of his tour in Melbourne with a bang!

After shows in Brisbane and Sydney, the anticipation for the Melbourne show was high. Well before the doors opened, and the show had begun, queues were snaking down the street in front of the venue and fans were buzzing with excitement. The cold didn’t bother anyone since the love that Nam Nation has for Eric Nam kept everyone warm!

The show hit off with the opening act Lakyn. He got everyone up on their feet, grooving along to his songs. He had a handful of songs that had fans jamming away. His songs have such beautiful beats that truly stand out and had fans cheering with delight. With more cheers and adrenaline surging Lakyn upped his performance, showing off his beat control, as well as his guitar abilities. He knew how to get the audience on board, while getting everyone super hyped for Eric Nam‘s entrance.

With Lakyn‘s opening act done, fans knew it was time for Eric Nam to make his entrance. The crowd continued going crazy while chanting “Eric Nam“. As the chants got louder and louder, Eric appeared on stage to a roar of approval and cheering. He began the concert with such upbeat songs that everyone was immediately in the mood for partying. Everything about this concert felt right, everyone enjoyed the concert to the fullest extent.

He performed many of our favourite songs, including; ‘Potion‘, ‘Interview‘, ‘This Is Not A Love Song‘, ‘Good For You‘, ‘Honestly‘, ‘Can’t Help Myself‘ and ‘Idea Of You‘. Through these songs, we get to witness both his stellar voice and stunning dance moves. The back up dancers did an amazing job in making the whole performance fuller. Their formation and dance movements were out of this world!

During times when he wasn’t performing, he was enjoying his time and the moments with fans. He was interacting with fans through his cute gestures and love. He never forgot those who were at the back as he waved and threw finger hearts at them. These small gestures were something that fans loved and will cherish in their hearts. He also had a cute way of throwing some savage lines at his fans, but there was always love poured into them. He also loved asking questions and was really responsive to hearing what fans have to say. It surely was a chill and relaxed concert to be at.

As the night progressed, the vibe was only increasing, it was hard to imagine how it could get any better. For his debut song, ‘Heaven’s Door‘, he had prepared a special event. During the song, he gave away roses to five lucky fans in the audience. The fans were clearly touched and speechless at the gesture. He even ended the night by sharing a few beers with the fans. A few lucky fans were gifted the beers that Eric had already started drinking!

What made this show so amazing, was the fact that he performed songs that we wouldn’t normally hear , as they were either a b-side track, a collaboration track or an OST track. Fans were ecstatic to be able to hear the live versions of ‘Float‘, ‘Cave Me In‘, ‘and ‘Body‘. These tracks were sung in English, and he really drew you in with his movements and performance. He did such beautiful body rolls that fans were squealing with delight! He managed to get the crowd involved in the songs, by getting them to repeat the lines after him. It was truly a beautiful moment to witness.

It wouldn’t have been an Eric Nam concert without his signature ballad songs. In particular, Eric talked about how he took a hiatus before coming back with his new song called ‘Hold Me‘. Through his tough times, he wrote ‘Hold Me‘, a song where he had his fans on his mind and wanted them to hold him tight. During the performance, everyone took out their phone flashlight and swayed side by side. It intensified the touching moment and you couldn’t help but feel the amount of emotion he put into singing this song. Eric appeared to be moved by not only the scene in front of him but the song itself as he wiped away tears before he continued on.

What was quite memorable about this concert was when he asked fans what songs they wanted him to perform. He gave us versions of a few songs including ‘Love You‘ and ‘Stop The Rain‘. During these moments, we get to hear his raw angelic voice shine through. It was evident what a brilliant performer he is live, as we saw him give his all to his performance.

When the encore began, everyone was electrified when Eric Nam and the back up dancers performed a cover version of BTS‘ ‘Idol‘. The whole crowd was lost in the vibe and were jamming to the song. The song itself was arranged to fit perfectly with the concert vibe, which made it 10 times more enjoyable!

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With that, Eric Nam ended his Australia tour and gave us all such great memories that will last forever. He gave us a performance like no other with a personality that captured your heart. It was truly a blessing to watch him on stage.

The team at All Access Asia is very thankful to Live Nation and Eric Nam for giving us the opportunity to attend the show. We would also like to thank and credit all the fans who have posted the fancams that are used in this article.

Were you at the event in Melbourne? If so, did you have fun? Let us know your memorable moments at the event below!

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