Epik High do amazing collaborations and we want to hear them in Australia!

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Epik High‘s Australian tour dates will soon be upon us and we’re so thrilled to welcome them to Australia. We all know what amazing musicians they are in their own right, but they are also masters at working a stunning collaboration track.  

Thanks to our friends at JK Entertainment and EN Management, they will be playing in Melbourne on Thursday, 18 July at 170 RUSSELL. Then in Sydney on Friday, 19 July at Big Top Sydney.

We know that they have a huge back catalogue of amazing music to draw from, but these are a few of our favourites, both old and new that we think would be perfect for a visit to Australia.

EPIK HIGH X End of the World ‘Sleeping Beauty’

With the release of ‘Sleeping Beauty‘, a clash of genres took place, with K-pop meeting J-pop in a sublime piece of musical mastery. Epik High‘s stylish brand of hip hop collided with the rock sounds of End of the World (or Sekai no Owari) to deliver a softer, edgier sound that is still rough around the edges thanks to the rap that sits over the top of the track.

Tablo x Taeyang ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’

So my favourite ever song by Taeyang is ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips‘ – it’s true you can ask anyone who knows me, but with the addition of Tablo‘s rap, it just takes it to a whole new level! This version was part of the ‘Cover Project by YG Family‘. The original lyrics for ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips‘ were written by Taeyang, but in this version Tablo added an additional layer to DJ Tukutz‘s remix and left us all speechless.

EPIK HIGH ‘Up’ feat. Park Bom of 2NE1

Up‘ was the lead track on the album ‘99‘, and it has a distinct feeling of optimism and strength. The addition of Park Bom‘s vocal gives the song a very distinctive flavour, which just adds to the unique nature of the track. Her vocal gives the song a soulful lightness and when combined with Epik High‘s smooth rap components you’ve got a banger of a song on your hands.


Lost One‘ was a song from the film ‘Forgotten‘ (if you’ve never watched it, make sure you go find it) which stars Kang Haneul. The track is a collaboration with Director Jang Hang Jun for the movie. Tablo wrote the lyrics which describe a sense of longing and losing something precious, which fit the emotion of the movie perfectly.

EPIK HIGH ‘Umbrella’ Feat. Younha

Umbrella‘ from Epik High (not to be confused with Rhianna‘s song) is a standout for all the right reasons. Younha has the most amazingly beautiful voice and it adds a sweet melancholic tone to the entire track. It’s still a firm favourite after all these years.

What songs would you add to the list if you had the chance? We’ll continue to bring you news about Epik High and their tour dates in the coming weeks.

For Australian fans, tickets for Melbourne are currently sold-out, but you never know, so keep an eye out, and for Sydney, there is very limited availability left.

Tickets for Melbourne can be purchased from 170RUSSELL here

Melbourne Ticket pricing:
$219 AUD – VIP (+Early entry, Meet&Greet)
$109 AUD – Gold (+Early entry)
$89 AUD – Silver (General Admission)
*Ticketing website may add fees and taxes
*VIP tickets offer an opportunity for a fantastic Meet & Greet, including a group photo with the Epik High!

Tickets for Sydney can be purchased from BIG TOP Sydney here

Sydney Ticket pricing:
$219 AUD – VIP (+Early entry, Meet&Greet)
$89 AUD – Gold (GA1)
$89 AUD – Gold-Seated (GA2)
*Ticketing website may add fees and taxes
*VIP tickets offer an opportunity for a fantastic Meet & Greet, including a group photo with the Epik High!

Epik High are presented in Australia with thanks to EN Management and JK Entertainment.

Have you got your tickets for Epik High’s Australian tour dates? What collaboration track is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written and edited by Narelle

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