ENHYPEN surprises us with a super cute collaboration for ‘HEY TAYO’

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ENHYPEN has hit us with a surprising, cute concept for their collaboration with TAYO. The song is called ‘Hey TAYO‘. So, check it out below!

It is clear that they have improved their cute facial expressions and looked less awkward doing them. It is clear they have embraced this concept, with each member doing their best to fit in well with this concept. In particular, it is clear that Sunoo is a natural when it comes to this concept. Jay and Sunghoon are too cute and adorable throughout this video. Jake and Heeseung‘s voices are perfect for this vibe. It is soft and uplifting to listen to. Jungwon and Niki leave us enjoying every moment of that as they too bring their cute side to this video. Overall, it is a concept that we would rarely see from them, so it is refreshing to get one from them!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MV above. Did you enjoy this concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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