ENHYPEN announces their return with ‘Manifesto: Day 1’ teasers

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ENHYPEN has finally teased for their upcoming return with ‘Manifesto: Day 1‘. So, check it out below!

From their comeback trailer, we get a narration that help set the tone for their comeback. We get a mix of languages for the narration that just seamlessly go from one language to another. The music builds, giving it the intensity that drives this comeback video teaser. They surely know how to captivate us with the illustrations and the vibe of the video. This surely builds up hype for what’s to come.

The comeback schedule reveals that they will release their concept teasers from June 16th to 24th. The tracklist and album preview are set for June 27th and 29th. Finally, the MV teasers will be dropped on July 1st and 3rd.

In their concept spoiler teaser, we get a quick flash of different scenes that help illustrate the concept that they are going for. The video ends with the words “Don’t Judge Me”.










For their first concept teasers, they have released a bunch of images for each member and for the group. Each set of teasers bring forth a different outfit and vibe. However, it maintains that cool and charismatic side. Every outfit that they are wearing shows their unity and how fitting they are with one another. They definitely look like they are ready to start something together. We are excited to see where the teasers will lead us.

In their new concept trailer, we get a black and white effect where they are posing inside of the truck with the overall scenery done during the night. It helps give them that rebel and powerful look.

The other concept trailer, it features this upbeat melody with this olden day effect added to the video. It helps enhance this vibe that they are going for. The members are seen having a great time with one another, doing different things.

Meanwhile, they are set to return on July 4th. What do you think of the concept thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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