E’LAST U looks refreshing in ‘Remember’ teasers

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E’LAST U has begun dropping their individual teasers for ‘Remember‘. So, check it out below!

Romin is up first with his teasers. For his individual teasers, we get a total of three images. They are of the same outfit but in different poses. He is seen wearing a white outfit that is of the same colour as the wall. This is able to bring out the beauty of the yellow flower that is next to him. This fits in well with the overall spring concept. For his concept film teaser, we hear this beautiful melody that puts you in a good mood. It is also quite intense but enough to make it quite uplifting. The scenery itself features him in a tunnel while walking towards the ocean. It is quite a beautiful look.

The latest member to reveal his concept teasers is Choi In. Like Romin, he is also seen wearing a white outfit. However, his outfit looks more casual and need. Due to the white background, it allows the beautiful flowers to be the standout of the image. His hair colour also contrasts nicely with the overall white scenery. In his concept film teaser, we hear a different section of the song. This time, the song sounds soft and goes nicely with spring. Fitting to this chill vibe, we see him enjoying his time by the field.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot subunit debut on May 19th. Are you enjoying the teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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