‘Eclipse’ your day with GOT7’s dance practice videos

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GOT7 have released not one but three variations of their dance practice for the song ‘Eclipse‘.

We are spoilt for choice with this as we LOVE their smooth dance moves and style. On May 28, they released the original dance practice video which you can see below.

GOT7 ‘ECLIPSE’ dance practice

Prior to that, they also released a part switch version which starts off really funny as paper is thrown to the air and they each have to grab one to decide what part they are doing. Through the video we see the members laughing and playing around while learning the other moves (it also reminds us how difficult it is to be the center of a group).

GOT7 ‘Eclipse’ part switch dance practice

The third video, is directed by none other than Jackson! It gets funnier as some parts are at twice speed but also, they’re all in astronaut costumes looking amazing so makes for a great dynamic and a lot of fun to watch.

GOT7 ‘Eclipse’ directed by Jackson

We aren’t sure if it was the idea from GOT7 or JYP entertainment that made these videos happen but we sure are grateful. Be right back, clearing our lounge room to practice this!

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