Dreamcatcher will make you ‘Scream’ with happiness in comeback MV

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Dreamcatcher has made their hot return with ‘Scream‘. Check out the MV below!

Once again, they blow away the fans with the different gorgeous shots shown throughout the video. Each member looks stunning in the video, capturing our soul in the process. The song itself is one has us on the edge of our seats with anticipation. The structure and the overall vibe is what fans have expected but they have gone above and beyond that. They know how to have us mesmerised by their dance choreography but also maintain their storyline and concept. The rap line is also a highlight in this song. In particular, Gahyeon’s aggressive rap has fans falling in love with her more and more!

Meanwhile, Not only have they just released their MV for ‘Scream‘, they are getting us ready for their third Japanese single, ‘Endless Night‘. They will be releasing image teasers from February 20th to the 21st. Following on is two collaboration on February 24th and 25th. There will also be a tik tok and introduction clip on February 26th and 27th. Finally, the MV will be released on March 4th.

It is a packed month for Dreamcatcher. They have also prepared different ‘Scream‘ video versions for when the MV reaches a certain view count. So, be sure to check out the MV above! What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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