Dreamcatcher stares at your ‘BOCA’ in comeback MV

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Dreamcatcher is back with a new track called ‘BOCA‘. Check it out below!

They have returned with another powerful song. The structure of this song is quite unique, leaving us guessing every moment of this song. This begins off with this pop that is different to what they have released so far. However, it is a fun change as we hear them ride the beat like no other. Furthermore, Dami came in strong with her rap as she gives us such a powerful performance. The dance choreography also looks so nice as always as they put their all. One can’t help but admire their charisma and beauty as they present us with a perfect song.

The dance choreography can be further appreciated in the dance MV. This video allows us to admire the beauty of the dance choreography but also enjoy the overall visuals they have presented to us. Like their ‘Scream’ dance choreography, they have also adopted many backup dancers, which help enhance this beautiful choreography they have.

So, be sure to check out the videos above. Did you like this comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

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