Doyoung does a touching cover of Taeyeon’s ‘Rain’

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NCT‘s Doyoung has dropped a new cover for the month. This time, it is of Taeyeon‘s ‘Rain‘. So, check it out below!

What is so nice about these constant covers that he does is the fact that we get to see a new side of his voice that isn’t well shown in his group’s songs. Because of that, it allows us to appreciate the beauty of his voice and how great of a singer he is. This kind of vibe just goes so nice with his voice. One can’t help but be touched by it. It is utterly beautiful and one is surely blown away. Even the vibe of the video itself works so nicely with the song. It is simple and just great to look at overall!

Meanwhile, check out the cover out above. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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