DONGKIZ I:KAN calls for ‘Y.O.U’ in image teasers

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DONGKIZ I:KAN prepares for their subunit debut with new ‘Y.O.U‘ teasers. Check it out below!

The first image teaser features the duo enjoying their time outside with each other. It has this refreshing look to it, getting fans quite excited for what’s to come. From the image itself, we may be getting a song that will be perfect for summer.

They have also revealed Munik’s teaser. One of the images has him holding a basketball while standing at the basketball court. He is definitely geared up to play some sports due to his overall outfit. The second image gives us a more chill look of him, as he stands by the steps. It is quite a cool look, especially with how easy he is standing there.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot debut on July 7th. What do you think of the concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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