Def. spoils us with official visualizer MVs

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As many knows, Jay B had recently dropped an EP under his stage name, Def., called ‘LOVE‘. He has spoiled us all by releasing either visualiser MVs for his side tracks. So, check them all out below!

The first visualizer MV is for ‘Want U‘. This song has a sweet and gentle melody that goes nicely with the vibe of the video. The video itself is in black and white while featuring someone writing in a book. The overall setting is quite chill and calm with the hot cup of coffee in the background. This definitely helps set the tone of the song as we get his soothing vocals hitting us in the right spots. He knows the right sections to allow his voice to be elevated, giving us those extra chills. Overall, it is a beautiful song to listen to.

The next visualizer MV is for ‘I Just Wanna Know‘. This video features Jay B reading a book during the night. The song itself is just super sweet and chill to listen to. It fits nicely with the vibe of the video. It almost feels like he is suggesting us to enjoy a book while listening to this song. This advice is definitely perfect since it is just so soft to listen to in the background as we enjoy whatever we are doing.

The final visualizer MV is for the track, ‘Again‘ featuring Leon. This song features Jay B lying his head on the table while being surrounded by what appears to be alcohol. He seems to look quite out of it while staring off in the distance. The song itself is quite mesmerising to listen to where the instrumentations brings out the best in his vocals. It surely brings out the beauty of the way he sounds and the way he sounds. It just makes it super angelic and dreamy.

So, be sure to check out the MVs above. Which track did you like from this EP? Let us know in the comments below!

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