DAY6’s Jae travels to the ‘Otherside’ and meets ‘Singing Spaceships’ in MV teaser

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DAY6‘s Jae definitely knows how to spoil his fans! Not only did we get an audio teaser for ‘Otherside‘ but we also got an unexpected MV teaser. Check it out below!

Jae has teased for the release of ‘Otherside‘. He has dropped a snippet of the track. What we hear so far is this soothing melody that puts you in a good and calming mood. It is definitely a melody that allows his voice to shine.

Not only that, we got an unexpected collaboration between Jae and 88rising! The track is called ‘Singing Spaceships‘. In this teaser, we get to hear this lovely guitar melody. We get to hear him hum and sing a bit before it ends quite rapidly. One can’t wait to hear more of it.

Meanwhile, ‘Otherside‘ will be released on January 31st and ‘Singing Spaceships‘ will be released on January 30th. Are you looking forward to these releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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