DAY6 drop even more stylish and enigmatic teasers for ‘The Book of Us: The DEMON’

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DAY6 are continuing to drop teasers for their upcoming comeback with ‘The Book of Us: The Demon’ and the title track ‘Zombie‘.

This will be the group’s third instalment in their ‘The Book of Us‘ series, and is scheduled for release on May 11.

The latest teaser to be released is the MV teaser for the title track ‘Zombie‘. It sounds like it’s going to be another amazing track from the group! The MV teasers shows the members walking around in a dazed state, or like ‘zombies’.

DAY6 ‘Zombie’ MV teaser

The group have released lyric teasers for all the tracks on ‘The Book of Us: The DEMON‘.

DAY6 ‘The Book of Us:The DEMON’ lyric teasers

Like the Sun and Moon

“Is something playing with me?
Could you please stop now?


“Today goes by just the same way
Am I the only one who’s struggling like this?
How can I get through this?
If I scream and cry, will it get better?

Tick Tock

“When our conversation comes to an end
will our relationship end too?
I’m scared
I’m not ending this

Love Me or Leave Me”

“It’s all up to you
I have not choice but to watch
Whether or not this is ending,
that will be decided by a single word from you


“Since the beginning
that relationship
was built
on a foundation of sand

It was wrong
since the first day we met
and it foreshadowed the end

1 to 10

“During a hard time
I hate the words
‘It will be okay
on their own
I’m going to be by your side
worrying about it with you


“Sometimes when I see you
beside me

I think you’ve become unhappy
because of my greed

who said the sky was beautiful

you only look at the ground as you walk

It’s like you’re looking at me

Zombie” (English version)

“Today’s a present
that I don’t want

So I’m wonderin
in this world

Am I really the only one

Who’s been wantin’
to hide out from the sun

And run

The group teaser images that were released carry the same light and dark concepts as we saw in the individual teaser images.

DAY6 ‘The Book of Us: The DEMON’ group teasers

The individual teaser images for the remaining members, Dowoon, Wonpil and Young K have now also been released. We are loving this concept, it’s moody, mature and mesmerising.

DAY6 ‘The Book of Us: The Demon’ individual teasers

The DAY6 album ‘The Book of Us: The Demon‘ and the title track ‘Zombie‘ is scheduled for release on May 11 at 6pm KST.

Are you looking forward to hearing new material from DAY6? What do you think of the teaser images that have been released so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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