DAY6 are too cute for ‘Time Of Our Life’ dance practice

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DAY6 had made their hot return with ‘Time Of Our Life‘. As a thank you gift for the fans’ continuous support, as well as helping them get their first win and award, they have released a funny and hilarious dance practice! Check it out below!

As we know, DAY6 is a band, so they don’t actually have a dance choreography. They are also known as “bad dancers” however we all know that is untrue! Especially when we watch this dance practice! They are giving their all into the different dance moves while moving so beautifully to the tracks. They try all kinds of moves that go well with their song. With this choreography, it allows everyone to come together and do the same moves as them! It is touching to see them step out of the usual instruments and show us what kind of moves they can do!

So, be sure to check it out above. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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