DAY6 are having the ‘Time of Our Life’ in new MV

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DAY6 have made their comeback with the release of their fifth mini-album ‘The Book of Us: Gravity‘ and the title track ‘Time of Our Life‘. This release rocks and we couldn’t be happier.

Time of Our Life‘ is an energetic pop track celebrating the present, reminding listeners to stop worrying and have fun creating good memories. 

It’s a song that is full of raw emotion and piercing harmonies that sit over the top of electric guitar riffs, piano melodies, dynamic chords, and an anthemic pop-rock chorus. All the things that we love about DAY6 are on full display, but this track is more – it offers something new and exciting, and we love that about this track.

The message in the song itself is uplifting and refreshing, however the melodies featured in the track take on a slightly harder and more powerful edge. You can see where they take their inspiration from, the bands of DAY6‘s youth echo through the track, think Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. DAY6 said in a recent interview that ‘Time of Our Life’ is about human relationships.

Since it’s the very beginning [of a new chapter], we wanted to deal with the start of a relationship,” they said. “And in order to start a healthy relationship, we thought it’s important to know yourself well enough to know others.

The accompanying music video is as fresh as the song itself. It features all five members in a number of fresh and colorful angles, the camera fluidly moving from one set to the next to create an atmosphere as eye-catching as it is frantic.

DAY6 ‘Time of Our Life’

What do you think of ‘Time of Our Life‘ from DAY6? Are you looking forward to DAY6 heading out on tour? Are you planning to see them when they come to your city? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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