Davichi writes their ‘Season Note’ in latest teasers

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Davichi continues to release teasers for their upcoming return with ‘Season Note‘. Check it out below!

They have revealed Minkyung‘s teaser. She is seen wearing the same outfit that was featured in their first group teaser. She is wearing mostly pastel-coloured outfit that contrasts with the couch that she is sitting on. This allows her to truly stand out against this scenery. The image is well taken to give it that modern yet vintage vibe.

They have also have revealed the highlight medley, which gives you a preview of the tracks on this album. The first track has a soothing melody that we would love to listen to in the background. It has a soft melody that brings out the best in their vocals. They are also heard singing quite softly, which reminds us of old time tracks. Their title track has this fun and uplifting melody that we could all move side to side to. Their vocals just sound super bright and beautiful on top of this happy melody. The third track slows it down with a beautiful melody. This track has a great flow that really brings out the best in their vocals. The final track has this ballad piano melody, allowing us to truly focus on their voices. It is once again fitting well with this melody.

Their second concept teaser continues with them sitting on the tram. However, this time, we see a different view by the window and we see them finally facing each other. The background now, is much darker, alluding to it being a sunset. It help set the tone of this image.

They have also revealed their third concept teaser, which features them facing the camera. The background is also different, where we get to see beautiful clear skies with a beautiful flower fields. This view definitely is fitting to spring.

Finally, they have dropped the MV teaser. This video begins off with them enjoying their time on the tram with beautiful and elegant music playing in the background. Then, we are hit with their piercing vocals that leaves us feeling the chills. It is just a fun song to listen to with a fun video to go with it.

Meanwhile, they are set to make their hot return on May 16th. What do you think of the title track so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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