D-Crunch asks ‘Are You Ready?’ in MV teaser

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D-Crunch has dropped the MV teaser for ‘Are You Ready?‘, the highlight medley and the image teasers. So, check it out below!










They are seen embracing that sporty vibe that we had previous witnessed in their group teaser. Now, we get their individual teasers. Each of them show different sides to them. The camera has definitely shot a close up of each member, allowing us to admire their beauty up close. They surely fit well into this kind of concept. It has this happy vibe that fits in well with this.

They have also dropped the highlight medley. ‘Panorama‘ is quite upbeat but has this beautiful melody on top of it. It is a great way to start off the album, putting you in a good mood for the rest of the album. The title track, ‘Are You Ready?‘ changes up the vibe with a more hard-hitting melody with quite a unique way of riding the beats.

Loverace‘ is fitting to its name. It is the kind of song that shows the pace of the song and has you wanting to fall deep into its instrumentation. While, ‘Love Letter‘ is their soothing song that focuses more on their vocals. It is quite beautiful to listen to while showing a different side to them.

They have also shown the MV teaser for ‘Are You Ready?‘. It is the kind of song and atmosphere that we did not expect, especially with what they have shown previously with their individual teasers. This is definitely a much darker atmosphere with the same hard-hitting beat that we have heard in the highlight medley. It definitely has us excited for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, D-Crunch will make their return on May 27th. What do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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