Come join us to celebrate Happy V Day!

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Our friends at go with yeontan, Sharetea Australia and Macarthur Central Shopping Centre have collaborated to help us celebrate BTS member V‘s birthday. Check out the information on the events below and enjoy the fun with other ARMYs!

There are a series of free events to be held in Brisbane, Queensland from 16 – 30 January 2021 (all events will be COVID safe, so please ensure you follow all instructions provided).

First up, we have the Happy Taetae Day’ cupholder gift event

You must register for a 1 hour timeslot to attend the event (reminder, it’s free) using the link below:


Once you’ve registered and have your digital ticket, head along to Sharetea at your allocated time and receive your special V cupholder gift set with any drink purchase. They’re so pretty, check them out below:

Sharetea is located on the Ground Floor at MacArthur Central Shopping Centre, 255 Queen Street, Brisbane City.

While you’re there don’t miss out on the V CUT Photo Zone!

The V CUT Photo Zone will be a dedicated pop-up & “Instagrammable” space for BTS V.

​View and pose with a life-size handcrafted sculpture installation of Taehyung (but don’t forget to keep social distancing in place, unless wearing a mask).

There will be a ​limited number of V CUT special photocards available each day (if you miss out please come back another day during the event and try again).

Make sure you tag: @gowithyeontan #gowithyeontan @sharetea_macarthurcentral #shareteamacarthurcentral @shareteaaustralia #shareteaaustralia and @macarthurcentral #macarthurcentral on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our socials and win official BTS merchandise!

Then round out your celebration with the Digital Media Building

Discover all of the digital advertising for Taehyung that will be on display throughout the Macarthur Central Shopping Centre building.

It’s easy – find – tag – win.

Make sure you tag: @gowithyeontan #gowithyeontan @sharetea_macarthurcentral #shareteamacarthurcentral @shareteaaustralia #shareteaaustralia and @macarthurcentral #macarthurcentral

Thanks to go with yeontan, Sharetea Australia and Macarthur Central Shopping Centre for putting these special events together for us to celebrate Happy V Day!

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