Code Kunst drops the full tracklist of ‘People’

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Code Kunst has dropped the full tracklist of ‘People‘, as well as the MV teasers. So, check it out below!

This album has a total of sixteen tracks including ‘KnoCK‘ featuring Baek Yerin, ‘Flower‘ featuring Jay Park, Wonjae and Giriboy, ‘Xii‘, ‘O‘ featuring Lee Hi, ‘Woode‘, ‘F(ucked up)‘ featuring Gaeko and Gray, ‘Set Me Free‘ featuring Loopy and Jvcki Wai, ‘JOKE!‘ featuring C Jamm and Simon Dominic, ‘Get Out’ featuring Kid Milli, EK and Haon, ‘Rollin‘ featuring pH-1, ‘Let u in‘ featuring DeVita and Colde, ‘Dirt in my HEAD‘ featuring Car, The Garden, ‘Bronco‘ featuring Bassagong, BLNK, Jayho and Legit GoonsJaedal, ‘Dancing‘ featuring Nucksal, ‘People‘ featuring Paloalto and The Quiett, and ‘No More Fire‘.

The first MV teaser for ‘Flower‘ starts off quite soothingly. It contains a lovely guitar melody that goes well with the blooming of the flower. It is relaxing and one can’t wait to see and hear more of this song.

The second MV teaser plays the same section of the tune. However, accompanying the song is these natural outside noises that set the tone of the song. The video then transitions to the people who will be featured on this track.

Meanwhile, he will make his hot return on April 2nd. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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