Clear skies for ‘My Personal Weatherman’?

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If you have yet to watch ‘My Personal Weatherman‘, it’s worth investing time in this eight-episode series. Grab the popcorn, sit back and embrace this BL’s emotional storm!

My Personal Weatherman stars Mashiko Atsuki as Tana-do Yoh and Higuchi Kouhei as Segasaki Mizuki. Tana is a (mostly failing) manga artist, feeling frustrated and caged by his manga and living arrangements. He doesn’t understand Segasaki and hasn’t sufficient confidence in himself or their relationship to ask.

At first My Personal Weatherman seems to be all about control – one person’s control over another. But like a few other Japanese BLs that come to mind, that’s not really what’s going on. We’re drawn into the story initially through Tana’s POV. However, his perspective is coloured by his insecurities and personal biases. Big time. It’s not long before the audience wonders whether Segasaki is the tyrant Tana believes him to be.

Will Tana develop an awareness and appreciation for his personal biases? Will Segasaki?

supporting cast

The series has a small cast, with the only other members of note being Matsumura Sayuri, who plays Tano’s only friend and confidant, Manju, and her husband, Matsudaira Atsuya, played by Mizuishi Atomu. The support cast’s primary role is comic relief. And you’ll need it. The screen fairly blisters whenever the leads have a scene together.

Is it worth the watch?

Yes. Absolutely.

I enjoyed this BL chiefly because it’s willing to ask some big questions. Let’s face it, the first episode is a bit confronting. The question of consent raises its head more than once. It almost put me off. But once I began questioning whether our narrator was reliable, I started looking forward to future episodes. I’m glad I stuck with it. Overall, the show got better with every episode (despite a few pacing inconsistencies).

My Personal Weatherman is directed by Kate Ayala and adapted from the manga ‘Taikan Yohou’ by Taino Nikki.

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