Chungha gives you a preview of ‘Querencia’ side B!

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Chungha continues to get us excited for her return with the preview of ‘Querencia‘. So far, she has dropped the preview of her side A. Now, she has dropped the preview of side B and side C. Check it out below!

From the side B preview, we get ‘Savage‘ which has a funky yet elegant beat. ‘Chill‘ has such a captivating beat that draws you into the song. It goes so well with her voice. The other tracks that is part of this preview are the pre-releases she has dropped before.

From the side C preview, ‘Unknown‘ has such a fun and uplifting song that really has you feeling the beat. ‘Demente‘ has a funky beat with some suspense sound. One can’t help but groove along to this melody. ‘Lemon‘ is that type of song that is soothing but also quite jarring to listen to. It will be interesting to hear Colde‘s verse on this track. The final track is a beautiful ballad song that allows her vocals to shine. It is always nice to see this side of her music.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on February 15th. Was there a song that caught your attention so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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