Chic Angel make you ‘Like it’ in their new MV

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Chic Angel are back with an amazing MV titled ‘Like it‘, and like it you will!

The video is sassy, punchy and so much fun to watch. Don’t take our words for it, see it below.

Chic Angel ‘Like it’

Chic Angel official MV

The new MV shows alot of the more sensual side of Chic Angel and mixes it well with their simple dance moves to really compliment the theme. The smooth backing track and vocals tie in with the theme of the song really well. We can see this new song being played in clubs because it’s just so energetic and has such a great style.

We wonder what other awesome releases are in store for us with this group.

What do you think of ‘Like it‘ from Chic Angel? Do you ‘Like it‘? Let us know in the comments below.

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