Chen takes us to a romantic world with ‘Shall We?’ MV

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On October 1, Chen dropped his second mini-album “Dear my dear” along with the title track MV “Shall We?”.

Chen‘s soulful voice swept us away to a new romantic world with the song. The music video portrayed the romantic daily life of a young couple and Chen played the role of the narrator in their story.

Chen ‘Shall We?’

Fun fact that Chen‘s EXO band mate Sehun revealed at Chen‘s showcase was that he had offered to star as the protagonist in the MV but he wasn’t chosen when it came time for filming.

Chen explained that Sehun wasn’t chosen as he wants to use Sehun in a more special way and he is definitely going to call on him for the favour in the future.

Sehun hosted Chen’s showcase

sehun chen

The fans expressed their excitement for Chen‘s first comeback by dominating Twitter on the day of release and “Dear my dear” topped iTunes charts in more than 36 different countries around the world.

Besides the title song “Shall We?”, the mini-album has five (5) other songs: “My dear“, “Amaranth“, “Hold You Tight“, “You Never Know” and “Good Night”.

Have you listened to “Dear my dear“? What’s your favourite song on the album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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