Changsub gives you a taste of his solo debut with the highlight medley

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As Changsub is counting down to his solo debut, he has revealed the highlight medley to get you into the mood as well! So, Check it out below!

So, this album has a total of six tracks including the title track, ‘Gone’ and its instrumental version, ‘Way’, ‘I Miss You’, ‘Shelter’ and ‘Ever’ . ‘Way’ has this rock soft vibe that goes well with his soothing voice. It is the kind of track that surely brings chills down your spine! ‘I Miss You’ is another great track that doesn’t use many instruments. By doing so, you can solely focus on his voice and enjoy the journey it is bringing us to. ‘Shelter’ is that track that really captures your attention from the beginning. However, because it ended so fast, it definitely leaves one more curious than ever!

Ever’ is another beautiful track that uses the bass and guitar so well. It is the kind of track that one can really love. ‘Gone’ is the title track and it is the perfect track to summarize what this album is all about.

Meanwhile, Changsub is set to make his hot debut on December 11th. Which track has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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