bugAboo makes their hot debut with ‘bugAboo’

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bugAboo has finally made their hot debut with ‘bugAboo‘. Check it out below!

They definitely have shown their potential as a rookie group. This song definitely has many catchy sections that are stuck in our heads. The song itself begins off with that brass sound before we get this funky beat. It definitely is a sound that goes nicely with their tone of voice, as they put us in the mood to move. They surely know how to let their vocals shine on top of this kind of rhythm. Then, the pre-chorus comes as they cut off all the beats, leaving the claps. This kind of build up does an incredible job in building tension for the drop for the chorus. For the main chorus, we get hit with their beautiful vocals as they give us an irresistible chant. It is quite a promising debut that leaves us anticipating their first debut.

They have also confirmed the fandom names! It is said to be RAINBOO. Since Rainbow is often a sign of hope, when bugAboo meets their fans, they will be each other’s hope. This is the meaning behind the choice of the fandom name.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the full MV above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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