bugAboo is ready to ‘POP’ in comeback MV

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bugAboo is back with a new track called ‘POP‘. So, check it out below!

This song has that fun and uplifting sound that is perfect for the current season. It is the kind of vibe that is different but definitely captures all of our attention. Especially sections where they cut everything out, it allows us to enjoy the beauty of their vocals before we get the smooth melodies that put us all in a good mood. Then, we get a catchy chorus that allows us to all sing along to it. The dance choreography is also super fun and powerful to watch. It is also clear that this MV is made for this summer, as we get a splash of all colours. Overall, it is a great summer song from them.

Meanwhile, be sure to show your support by checking out the full MV above. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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